Shizuoka Prefecture - Izu Peninsula

Itō City

Itō 伊東

Officicial Seal of Itō

The official bird of Itō is the isohiyodori (blue rock thrush).



Mt. Ōmuro

Photo: Izu Peninsula UNESCO Global Geopark

Itō is the most populated city on the Izu Peninsula with roughly 70,000 residents.
The city is best known for two things: Mt. Ōmuro (pictured) and abundant hot springs.

“The Itō hot springs are one of the three big hot springs towns in Japan together with Beppu and Atami. The abundant hot water flows at a pace of about 32,000 liters per minute (in a temperature range of 25。C to 68。C).”   ~Ito Spa Website

Mt. Ōmuro was active about 4,000 years ago when it emitted a great volume of lava. A coastal view of Itō, with Mt. Ōmuro in the background, shows the extent of the lava flow.

Because of the plentiful geothermal water in Ito, there are somewhere around 700 spas and accommodations with some type of hot springs for guests.