Regional Revitalization in Japan

Rural flight is a problem all over the world. Japan has the highest proportion of elderly people than all other countries, and most young people move to the metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka to seek economic opportunity. Rural towns and villages are disappearing rapidly, and elderly residents dominate those that remain. Farms and other rural industries disappear as a result.

While this trend seems inevitable, there are many citizens and foreign residents of Japan working hard to find ways to preserve rural economies and cultures. Unexplored Japan is committed to showing the value of these places. Here are  bunch of resources. Please comment.




Below is a list of resources for people interested in regional revitalization. The focus at Unexplored Japan is, of course, Japan, but people all over the world are concerned about rural life becoming unsustainable.

Let’s work together because teamwork can save a lot of time and helps us improve (rather than repeat) what has already been done.

Finally, please suggest new resources, make comments, and ask questions in the comments section below.

In the resources below, you will find a variety of information and different perspectives on regional revitalization.

Unexplored Japan does not endorse or sponsor any of these sources. They are provided to stimulate ideas and conversation.

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